Wood Chip Fuel

A wood chip boiler is a big investment – we know; we have a wide range of them. Not only that, you rely on heat being available whenever you need it. This is why you will need a local, reliable and professional wood chip fuel supplier who understands your requirements, and who can supply the right quality fuel, on demand.

With secure access to locally grown timber, our own processing and storage facilities, our use of wood chip dryers and our own delivery vehicles, MCD aims to be your long term fuel supply partner.

Our chips are made from softwood grown in South West Scotland. Because we have been in the local timber trade for over 20 years, our arrangements with local landowners are secure. Because we have our own timber lorries, transport of the timber to our site is assured.

Our timber is sourced from FSC certified woodlands. We are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List so that our customers can claim RHI payments.

In 2020 we have received accreditation from Woodsure for our Woodchip.

The Woodsure assurance means reliable wood fuel that fulfils manufacturer specifications and burns with optimum efficiency, without the risk of damage to your appliance.

Chip Quality

Our chips are made to the P16b grade (equivalent to the now defunct G30 grade).

Our drying floors enable us to consistently achieve a moisture content of around 20%, essential for optimum boiler performance. We have ample storage space for the chips once they are dried.

Because we dry our wood chips, we can respond to sudden peaks in demand, long harsh winter seasons will not cause us to run short, and we can easily take on new business.

Our drying floor, barn storage and loading shovel are dedicated to wood chips, eliminating the chance for contamination with foreign objects.

To further enhance quality, we have a screen which removes fines and any oversized chips. We use our chips in our own ETA and FACI boilers, so we appreciate and understand the importance of quality. We are in the process of formalising our already robust quality control procedures with ‘Woodsure’ accreditation.


Because we dry our chips to a consistent moisture content, we sell the chips by the tonne, delivered.


We can deliver chips using a rigid, 40 cubic yard tipper (approx. 6.5 tonnes) or by articulated ‘walking floor’ trailer holding 90 cubic metres (approx. 19-21 tonnes).


For MCD, customer relations are of paramount importance. We always aim to have long term relationships with our customers based on quality products, excellent service, and competitive pricing.

Our target lead time for wood chip deliveries is 2-4 working days. Orders can be placed by phone or by email.


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With Logs, Chips and Kindling to chose from,

we have the perfect fuel to keep you warm.


Free delivery within 10 miles of Auchincruive*

*Delivery charge applies on all woodchip deliveries