All of our firewood is from FSC certified forests in South West Scotland.

We offer both hardwood and softwood, naturally seasoned or force dried. Our standard log length is 8-10 inches, but special sizes can be produced on request. In 2020 we have received accreditation from Woodsure and Woodsure Ready to Burn for our kiln dried firewood and woodchip.


Our hardwood logs are generally made from Ash, Beech, Birch and Oak. Hardwood logs are the premium log, especially for use in stoves as they enable the fire to be ‘kept-in’ overnight, and as they are more dense than softwood, produce more heat.

Natural Seasoning versus Kiln Dried

We encourage all our customers to choose our kiln dried firewood. Naturally seasoning timber here on Scotland’s’ West coast can be hit or miss due to our rainfall. The moisture of the logs will vary throughout the year, and damp logs will not give you the heat you want.

Our log drying kilns guarantee that your firewood will be consistently dry - around 20% - perfect for your stove or fireplace, all year round, whatever the weather.


Our softwood logs are generally Larch and / or Spruce. Many believe that softwood logs will spit, but not ours – because they are very dry. Softwood logs ignite faster than hardwoods, which means that the stove will get hot faster – ideal when you return home after a cold day outside! However, softwood logs will not usually enable the stove to be ‘kept-in’.

Softwood logs are an environmentally friendly and economic fuel.


Our logs are supplied in either bulk bags (approx one cubic metre) or small nets containing on average 15 logs.

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